Monday, May 31, 2010


This is he.

He inspired this blog about my first love (and I would like to think his first love).

It all started in Winter 2003, we were in Year nine and around 14 years old.

I would spend my nights on MSN talking to him.

He would spend his nights on MSN talking to me.

it was love.

I went to Paddys markets numerous times with him, as you do when you are a little fourteen year old. He stole black nail polish for me once. We were the Sid and Nancy of our time.

Although he likes to think we were The Big and Carrie of our time. (haha)

He was my first kiss. It tasted like pineapples because we were both drinking pineapple juice. It was on the couch.

Then we made out for the second time on the rocks at the Haven.

He played bass, i would watch with eyes open in wonderment.

It was all over as quickly as it had begun.

However, all the best things in this particular relationship came after.

Like when I recieved a letter from Robbie with a CD in which he had penned and sung a song for me (which I still play over and over again especially for Madeline. I think it is one of her favourites)

I still have the letter on my bedside table.

Now he lives in Canberra, making him the only reason why i would ever go to Canberra. Yes that does mean he is better than porn and fireworks and even Julia Gillard.

I love Robbie Sale.

He has instilled in me a fondness for musicians (especially bassists) that I dont think will ever die, made me feel intelligent by acknowledging that shetland ponies are hilarious, he is the person I miss all the time even when we havent seen each other for years. I know I can always pick up where I left off with him.

The days of Phobiac at fucking North Bexley (the hardest station to get to ever) where I actually head banged too hard and my neck was out for days. I wore my red shoes every time I saw the band play.

Even my friends are astounded to hear me sigh on a sunday afternoon "god i miss robbie sale", to which their response is "you guys still talk?"

Yes we do, I think we might always talk.

We are Johnny Cash and June Carter

Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa

Maynard James Keenan and Tori Amos

Here is a spiel he just wrote about me:

In recent years, social scientists have been enquiring after the health of Jess Holton. Proponents of "retreat of Jess" theses, in particular, have sought to forge a link between the growing prominence of cheap flights to queensland and a supposed deterioration in the authority of Jess Holton over the men of NSW

"I know ill see you again, whether far or soon, but I need you to know, that I care

& I miss you."

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