Monday, May 10, 2010


I just want to reflect on something that has been bothering me for a while now. And please dont take me rattling off on this subject today as thinking I am above it or dont do it. I do.

I'm a hypocrite.

This is me as a pre schooler. Yeah i know, ive always looked a bit older than my years. But look at me, Im smiling obliviously with a self- fashioned easter hat on. But Im smiling because Im sure whoever on the opposite side of the lens told me to. Innocent enough.

Fast forward to 16 years of age. The Myspace generation is alive and well, and i guess I thought writing shit on my hand to express not only my love for ink poisoning but also Incubus themed lyrics was pretty "rad".


This photo probably isnt a good example considering the state I was in at the time, but it will all tie together to highlight a point.

Anyone ever feel as though they are told to act a certain way?

Even if everything in their being is saying no no no no?

I have just noticed that there is a trend that has formed within documenting images of either yourself or whoever you choose deserves to be on your memory card.

Back in pre school days it was your mum telling you to "say cheese!", even if all you wanted to do was eat the rest of your easter eggs and wouldnt give a shit if the camera caught you doing so.

High School it was "Tom" letting you know which angle to hold to camera at while you clicked the button in order to look about ten times older, sexier, sluttier and cooler to your 123556 friends. That Myspace age is going to haunt me i think. But there is no one out there who isnt guilty of a little self-documentation, at least when they were younger and more impressionable. was the I.D. of Erina Friday Nights, man.

And then now.....

Is it a case of magazines, models, television and blogs (ha!) being so in our face, being consumed so freely and influencing the still pretty young generations of these pasts?

That there is a case of no smiles, head down, hair in face....maybe even pretending you look like a cat with your hands as ears coz some emaciated prawn did it in the July 2008 issue of Russh?

Im not saying I havent done it.

I have. And im a little ashamed.

But as a sheep, I dont want to be the only one in the photo GRINNING like a maniac while everyone else being snapped is staring at the ground like it might open up and Caleb Followill will come thrusting out, half naked but still wearing a handmade necklace.

I just viewed a series of photos from somewhere that will remain nameless, but they kind of made me cringe.

Those chicks who have perfected the "I have been wearing this make up all night and into tomorrow morning" look, even though they just got to the party about fifteen minutes ago.

We're talking:

hair in the face

running down stairs

kicking walls

kissing other girls

hands in face

looking up but with the expression that would make bicentennial man look animated.

but the boys can sometimes be worse:

eyes bugged out like "dont fuck with me, coz ill pat your dog really hard" look.


Not that i have a personal vendetta against these types. As ive said, I am guilty of employing one or all of the aforementioned characteristics, but im kind of getting over it.

We are all a bit too cool to look at the camera.

A bit too cool to call instead of text.

A bit too cool to drink a beer when vodka is on tap.

A bit too cool to admit that you have actually met this person before, even if they dont remember you.

A bit too cool to remember that you used to do drama skits in front of the whole school and wear a ponytail on the side of your head and write letters to boys who didnt like you! (oh wait that was me.)

I guess its funny to remember those type of things, but i think we should get back to that..maybe not taking ourselves too seriously.

After all, arent we from the central coast?

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