Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think Im going to marry him one day.

If I finally get down on one knee and deliver my speech I bet he will laugh and say "nup."

This is the kind of "bloke" you can hear sniffing in the hall way. He is pretty funny, especially last weekend when he was entertaining Jess Moss and I at dinner, but also taunting me telling me that one day I WILL be one of the over 40s who were jiving to some Diesel tune in the middle of Aromas.

Then he did (something) and I saw him decline like the slope of the skillion. He told me he had a tummy ache and went home.

The night wasnt the same.

Once before he was sweating bullets and I wiped it off his brow and someone yelled out "ewww!"

so i wiped it on them.

I didnt think it was that bad!

He has a tracksuit set that makes him look like Alphonse Gangitano.

Ive only seen him not-stoned once.

He taught me how to play Buzz and laughed in my face when I lost.

He is obsessed with one day going to Fraser.

He also enjoys watching Fraggle Rock at 4am.

He is the NO#1 fan of this blog. I actually had to sign an autograph for him once.

Also the NO#1 fan of Bellyfish.

But my favourite time to see Burris or Boris is when he comes home from work with techno blaring through the speakers in a three piece suit, usually grey pin stripe with a lavender shirt, and everytime I tell him

"Geez Burris you look schmick!"

He even kept me company through messages when I was stuck on the F3.

Pretty stand up lad, and Ive only known him for about 2 months.

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