Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I just spent three hours online trying to get tickets to Splendour in the Grass, and all I got out of it was an empty inbox, and extremely messed up appearance due to the swearing, running of hands through hair and failure to get out of pyjamas.


I was talking to this adonis of a man I know who will remain anonymous. He is an absolute babe of all babes which can make any girl shaky at the knees in his presence.

He gave me a really good idea about what to write on this thing. Its inspired by the ye olde question of

"What is cool?"

My personal definition is that cool is not caring about what people think, whether that be as an insecurity or as an avenue to attention.

But this sex kitten, last night, told me he had a little thing for the band NickelBack.

Sure, most people would cringe at that last sentence and possibly click that little red X in the top right hand corner in pure disgust.

But i would ask if you would read a little longer and see if we can change your mind.

Is it really such a social faux paus to admit to a band that gets reactions such as
"oh my are fucked."

I nearly broke my neck dancing to KISSCHASY at Splendour in the Grass 2009 amidst a meager looking crowd. I completely claimed this fact when I arrived home to recount the events of the festival to be welcomed with responses such as:

"Kisschasy? I wouldnt go around telling people that..."


"Wow...thats sad."

I really didnt think it was that sad. Whats wrong with Kisschasy?

Is it the fact that they accentuate their Australian accents vs. the ambiguously sounding Temper Trap?
Even though they are both from the same country?

I have found myself forcing my ears to listen and accept certain bands because they are just so "amazing" at the moment.

EXAMPLE: I will NEVER like Sigur Ros. I dont know why, but I just never will. They dont make any sense to me and I find the melodic tunes haunting, but not in a good way.

I would rather be belting out 'Always be my baby' by Mariah Carey with Ellen at all kinds of volumes...

Than sitting in a car with a cigarette and a nosehole listening to Sigur Ros even though I dont like them, but because those kids from the Northern Beaches who everyone forgets brought fluro to the scene back in 06/07, saw them at Splendour 08 and bought Ray Bans and decided that The Mona is a legitimate source for alternate hang time.



"I only like Kings of Leons old stuff."

So, if you really are a true fan of a certain band, if they do make it onto the final cog of the success machine and maybe outsource a hit to the general public, is that reason to absolutely boycot their music?

Fuck that.

That was the problem with the Bob Dylan (acoustic) fans vs. the Bob Dylan (Electric) fans.

If the band changes, or shit, if the audience that the band reaches changes, it is a pity to so quickly dismiss their new music.

Ill be the first to say it:

My favourite Kings of Leon album is : ONLY BY THE NIGHT.

i know....its like an earthquake.

Back to COOL v. MUSIC.

I say be proud of the fact that your favourite solo artist is Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi or even Celine Dion.
Claim it,

and if you are hit back with insult, just know that whoever said it has to spend Thursday nights at Mona Vale.

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