Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Did Bladerunner simultaneously start a chain of events leading me to this moment right now?

This is a question I put forward to myself everyday.

Ever since 1982, a good 6 years before I was born this movie has been in circulation either boring, confusing or changing the lives of the audience.

Now i know what you are thinking...

"getting drunk alone is fabulous. watching Bladerunner while doing it and thinking that you actually finally understand every aspect and have some amazing epiphany to it is even better."

Not saying that I did
Not saying that I didnt.

Have you ever been drunk alone?

I have.

Accidentally though. As in,

* I came home, and looked at the XXXX Summers Ellen had bought me in QLD.
* Yes I will have one.
* Shit, how did this happen?
* phone call from Jess Moss
* "Are you drunk?"
* "Maybe."

END of story.

well it wasnt...i giggled for about 10 more minutes then talked about how there are no babes out there anywhere and said goodbye.

It really should be appreciated more I believe. You can really assess your life and make some snap decisions in that time.

Sure, you will probably regret calling your nan, or adding that boy you met once three months ago at a party you werent invited to on FaceBook.

Or even writing a post on a blog that no one reads.


in saying all this bullshit,

Has anyone noticed the seasons and how they change the faint of heart and shallow in spirit?

WINTER: Everyone fucking shacks up and acts all devoted to their spouse knowing full and well that when

SUMMER: comes along, it will be all goodbyes and "dont talk to me's when we are out" in preparation for the latest spree of sluts that have just graduated from Terrigal High and looking to suck some dick before hoisting their future fat asses off to some University.

sorry if i offended anyone.

All im saying is, why does everyone have to be such a cliche?

"Hi, how are you tonight?"

"I have a girlfriend."


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