Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is the legs, shoes, socks and picture of a friend I know called Ellen.

She is seated upon a balcony in a penthouse apartment in Cavill Circle in Surfers Paradise QLD.

Ive been there, shes been there, marie has been there.

It encapsulates an amazing memory that i hold in being there with her and meeting a few boys, including one we affectionately referred to as "Jimmy Retard."

Here is the photograph taken at around 5:45 AM on the 20th of February 2010 on the same balcony.
These photographs may have no relevance to you as the reader, but to me they are millions of little brain fireworks every time I view them.
You see, the moment where my life changed last year was in November when I went to visit Ellen after a year and a half of seperation.
After That weekend there was a triggered domino effect in which I thought my life was over.
I lost, but I also won because just as she is one of the most important people in my life.
She has, time and time again, been the sunshine that has come out of the darkness.
I just thought I should acknowledge that on this little online thought space, because all I know, is that without Ellen, I really do not know where I would be today.
In summation,
I just want to raise my schooner to Queensland,
and all the wonderful people that I have met in my travels to the north.
You know who you are, you have made my nights into mornings, and my downs into uppers (haha).
All the times we smoked cigarettes on the numerous hotel balconies,
that afternoon at Titanium,
The copious amounts of babes who reside in QLD.
God bless you, you are beautiful. And especially that one in front of Ruby Tramp who took mine and Ellens breath away.
To ELSEWHERE, the club that just keeps on giving.
To the hotels who forget that they actually have fold out couches and therefore we invite more people back to stay,
to Beenleigh and the Hyperdome,
to Lynn and John and Bethos.
To Joel and Elisha and Jaye and Jay and Marie and Carly and Nelson
and all those other people I met outside Elsewhere,
especially the guy who had the really long beard and then shaved it and looked ten times younger and pretty babe.
I was glad I got to see the transition.
To the hotel pools, to the mini bars, to the sacks of Lambrusco, to Swinging Safari, to The Coolangatta Hotel, to Teri Steak.
But most of all,
To Ellen Giebels.

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