Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I hate people who make observations and then tell you them when you didnt even ask in the first place.

If you have any idea about who I am, you will know that
I dont like people telling me how I am.

I dont tell people how they are, I just try and accept them as they are and fucking get on with life.
I certainly dont reiterate my point once it has been dismissed.

It must be fucking lonely on that pedestal, is all Im saying.

It is an interesting trait that some humans have, that being, the ability to dissect someone else's personality,
pick out faults
and then drill them into the person from every concievable angle.

Im not saying I am exempt from judging other people on a superficial level, but I dont take enjoyment from sitting down and thinking about how another person is more fucked up than I am.

We are all fucked up.

No one is perfect, and this reminds me of year eight when Madeline and I were on the bus talking about the numerous family domestics we managed to knock out of the way before the bus even arrived.
This was met by an eavesdropper who chimed in with:
"My parents never fight."

making us feel like absolute derros, as if the vegemite stains around our mouth and ill fitting st. josephs summer uniforms didnt make us already look so.

It just made me so deeply angry this week, all week, which is probably a flaw of mine.
As in, I take things to heart and let them get to me for an extended period of time.
That is definetly a fault of mine.

But you know what, I can recognise my faults and try and improve on them. But when something is brought up that is entirely untrue and hurtful and fucking ridiculous in order to fuck with me and my friends.

Then thats when I take a leap off my pedestal,
take my earrings off
and get fucking angry.

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