Tuesday, June 1, 2010


touched for the very first time!
I still cant believe people in America and the like still put such a massive statement on being a virgin.
How it all started with Britney Spears and her virginity until Justin Timberlake came along with his Nsync boyish good looks and golden curls much like a storybook character and stole that image away from the world.
It seems so weird to me to still put such an emphasis on being a virgin in this century.
Like the dicky as all shit Jonas Brothers and their chastity rings. Does anyone find it sort of incestual and homo-erotic that all three brothers wear rings to signify their purity?
And the word purity associated with the word virgin.
does it really mean you arent pure if you are not a virgin?
A boy in my class the other day said
"yeah, like if a girl tells you shes not a virgin, then you obviously assume she's a slut."
I lost my shit haha. I wanted to say something, but then again didnt want to look like some mad slut in front of the whole class and the one babe who is in it.
But then again, why didnt i stand up for myself and my slutty counterparts?
I am puzzled at the meaning of the word slut anyway! See madonna above? she sang about being "like" a virgin, but look at her she reflects an image stating that she is clearly not one.
I remember back in the day when losing your virginity was seen as one of the biggest rites of passage of being a teenage girl. However, maybe due to the fact that we were boning 16 year olds, the statement that usually followed was:
"is that it?"
Yes it is.
There shouldnt be such a massive reaction to your virginity whether or not it is still in tact. And who is to say who took it anyway?
It could be the boy across the oval
or it could even be a fence that you accidentally fell on when you were eight?!
Anyway, i was appalled at this submission by this lad in my class when he said those words out loud. I didnt think anyone seriously still thought like that at 21 years of age.
What is a slut?
My own personal definition of slut is a girl or boy who fucks with a relationship they have no part of.
Other than that, I dont really care if you are smoking cock every night for an entire decade, as long as its not someone's girl/boyfriend.
I actually look up to the people (mainly the girls as I am one and know many) who put themselves out there to fulfill their own sexual desires and needs without a care in the world if someone yells out "SLUT!" in their direction.
why does that person care? It is funny the things people do care about and ridicule you about when once they do, it is so clearly a stab at trying to get their own self esteem back to zero from whatever minus it was before that it is almost embarrasing to hear the words come out of their mouth.
I cant count how many times random people have come up to me and said stupid shit in my ear about what im wearing or how my hair is, and as they pull away the only look I can muster up is one of pity.
So i say, lets celebrate the sluts. Who knows what kind of uptight and sexually frustrated world we would have without them.
But all the cougars can go fuck themselves.

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