Saturday, October 9, 2010


It is actually fucking amazing how a perspective can change when competition becomes involved.

is that called JEALOUSY?

or just healthy competition?


So you think you are kind of interested in a boy, but then you arent sure, then you see them talking/dancing/making out with a total babe....and suddenly he seems more attractive? less attainable perhaps?

What is it about the ungettable that makes it so worth getting?

I believe that jealousy and competition sometimes go hand in hand. You have to get that little green pang before you pull your frilly socks up and go for what you realised you want.

It is another fucked up dimension to girls. And maybe boys, I dont know. Something or someone that is wanted by others seems intimidating but in a completely satisfying way.

Maybe Ive just been reading too much of the book, Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis, psycho-analysing relationships and the misinterpreted feelings, actions and meanings that come with getting to know someone in an intimate way.

I know that once a third party is involved with what you think is temporarily/could be something you may feel free to indulge in or with, the threat is like the lion to the gazelle. It creates a sense of seductive urgency to claim what may be taken from you.

Not implying that anyone is EVER anyone's property. But I think you might know what I mean, that being the fact that you may assume that you have the attention of the object of your desire, but as it is with people and life, you will never really know.

I love that phrase, "Object of desire."

It is so romantic.

Something not many people say nowadays as well, much like the word "handsome" or "rufus".

I dont know what it is about the words we dont use anymore, and the letters we never write (because we have Facebook chat), and the romantic ideals that are rarely fulfilled.

I dont know what it is about the people who ignite the bases of jealousy, tingling our senses and lighting a tiny fire inside our chest that spurs us to do stupid or perhaps brave things.

To sum up, I might quote a character who dulls the senses,

"Truth and time, tells all."- Justin Bobby.

How cut would we be if he was some government operation designed to desensitize us even more?

Such a babe, but.

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