Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ok ok...I know what you are thinking... here we go another man hating post about how men suck and treat girls like shit blah blah blah but NO this one is different, because it does not apply to every man I know...only a handful, and I have to get this off my chest.

Scholar James Kingi once said, "This is due to a hormone imbalance."

What is you might ask?

Talking down to girls.

I am so fucking sick and tired of being patronised by a set of testicles.
That is all you are to me, something to look at when I am bored.

This whole metro chauvinist bullshit grinds my gears and makes me wonder why it is so frequently used in todays society.

Why do SOME men feel the need to be condescending to girls?
They wouldnt talk that way to their mates or another guy.
It is a fucking disgusting habit.

And what really pisses me off is that they act as if they are so up with the times and equality and all that bullshit, but it is a false sense of their own security reaffirming what a fucking sick cunt they are.

well ya not.

Your just like the rest of the fucking greased up douche lords that skulk about yelling shit out to chicks and commenting on what they are wearing if its too short because they cant handle the fact that they dont know where to hide their boner.

Its not her fault if she is an independent woman wearing whatever the fuck she wants just because she can, and doing whatever the fuck she wants because she can. Just because you have an inordinate amount of pubic hair mixed with nuts that are bigger than your cock does not allow you to scream out insults hell bent on taking whatever confidence she can scrape together in this fucked up world we are living in where images are so airbrushed it could make Rosie O'Donnell put down her cheeseburger and make her start eating more pussy to lose weight.

You make me sick with your holier than thou attitude and words that fly out of your mouth with the pompus spit you use to project them like the fucking stupid winged monkeys from the wizard of oz.

All Im saying, is that its pretty clear no girl likes to be patronised, and if you find one who does then tell her to grow some balls.

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