Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Babes on wheels make me melt.

Not the kind of midnight blue subaru wheels, but the ones you find attached to a board.

This video inspired this post:

from the eyes (which are actually lenses) of Brendan Turner:

Its like when Lord of Dogtown came out and all the girls lost their undies!
There is something crazy hot about a dude on a skateboard, flying around the place but to ride that board they have to maintain an essence of 'cool' about them, and not flail about as to not lose their balance.

So all up, they end up looking like some long haired bad ass standing on their board like they couldnt give a fuck but still getting some mad speed and maybe doing an ollie.

Of course, when you have your morning coffee in your hand and all your books or paraphernalia in your arms and some lout comes flying into your path at the speed of light, it may not be as attractive and may make you call out:


But any other time, for instance, when you have a corona and a wedge of lime in one hand and a marlboro gold in the other and you are sitting at a party and some of the babe dudes who came to the party get on their skateboards.

It happened to me at a party recently in Bateau Bay, and all the girls I was with immediately paid attention to what was happening and let out some type of sigh.

But the sigh was no ordinary sigh, it was more like the breath version of "ohhhh baaaabbeeesss."

I wonder if boys know they are looking so amazing while on skateboards.

But I must admit its even better when they stack it on an unsuspective bit of gravel in front of you, and the only thing you have left to do is laugh.


babes on wheels rule.

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