Tuesday, October 26, 2010


ahhh the essence of the power bitch.

I recently went to an 80s themed party dressed as a power bitch (see below.)
Isnt she wonderful? The head bitch of the power bitches is Kelly Cutrone if you ask me.
She produces such a strong and inspirational energy, even though she seems to talk to everyone around her like shit.
But that is what makes her so enticing or (n thai sing if you live in Terrigal).
She takes no nonsense, rips your head off but then puts it back on and hopes you have learnt your lesson so one day you may take over the power bitch kingdom.
American Psycho the movie, portrays the power bitch, even though they are slowly being killed off by one extremely ripped Pat Bateman.
Its all shoulders and swagger.
I love it!
Now let me assure you, I am not referring to the word "bitch" in a way that one may associate with "yo bitchez" or "fucking slut bitch whore."
The term "bitch" in this instance has a completely different meaning.
You see, there ARE bitches out there. The ones who use passive aggressive tactics to belittle and create an air of nastiness that surrounds them. This is usually out of insecurity.
Then there are the "yo bitchez" who are just your girl hanging out maybe shooting some hoops and may affectionately be called a bitch, but usually by other women, or their pimp.
Then there are the chicks who try and keep The Simple Life alive by dragging on the 23 year old persona of Paris Hilton and referring to them and their dopplegangers as "bitch" as in, "love you bitch." KILL ME NOW.
But then there is the rare and most amazing type of bitch, THE POWER BITCH.
The power bitch will not take your shit, she will tell you when you are wrong and will not apologise for being wrong. She does not tackle issues with a passive aggressive nature. It is more assertive aggressive, and wont let you leave her presence wondering.
She is walking along with her head held high, and a look on her face that says "dont fuck with me."
Sometimes I like to pretend I am a power bitch, when ive had a bad day or if someone has said something to tick me off, and I walk around with this type of swagger. It feels amazing.
Now I know...you sad little bitch Jess, you act like you are something you are not in order to make yourself feel better.
But as if you bitches havent done it?
Its not all the time, and I guess it could come down to a control thing. Being a power bitch and a control freak go hand in hand. But id rather be a control freak than be somebody's bitch.
Especially when something pisses me off but I dont feel I have the right to say anything back. That is when I feel most shameful and pent up, and in need of channeling the power bitch.
Sometimes its good to make yourself feel strong when you are made to feel at your weakest by others.
Then again, it is not in the power bitch manual to act like a victim, which also takes away any self sympathy.
Because after all, all of us have the ability to be a bitch, you just have to choose which one.

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