Monday, October 18, 2010


I can not take credit for this post idea. It was from an anonymous source, who I seriously should collaborate with one day.

but "they" put this little idea in my head and ive been running with it since Saturday.

What is your guilty little pleasures?
We narrowed it down to three categories:

1. A band you love but will not admit in public.
2. Something sexual.
3. Something you do when no one is around.

Here are some answers I recieved (completely anonymously) in numbered order:


* Aqua
* Kisschasy
* Hanson
* Justin Bieber
* Lionel Ritchie
*Justin Timberlake
* Katy Perry.


* Doggy style.
* Getting felt up in public.
* Getting bitten on the lip when being kissed.
* making out in the ocean.
* Going down on a girl when she is freshly showered and landscaped.
*Biting, scratching, anything rough.
* A boy in a towel and still wet from the shower, then taking the towel off.


* Walk around naked.
* Walk around naked with heels on.
* Take photographs of ones self.
* Take photographs of ones self naked.
* Look at yourself in the mirror.
* Look at yourself in the mirror of your car while driving (dont tell the po po).

All in all some interesting, if not disturbing answers (referring to number 1 of course)
I sometimes like finding people in magazines who look like me, I dont know why, but I will admit that is a guilty pleasure of mine (as were some of the ones above, I wonder which ones?).

Surely that is completely and utterly narcassistic of me, but fuck it...we all love ourselves even if we constantly and adamantly say we dont.

Who else is gonna love us?

I love finding things out about people, Im so interested in your inner most thoughts and tiny little pleasantries that fill your day. The way you think about certain issues and the opposite sex.

I think that is well documented in the pages of this blog, I am genuinely trying to find out who you are, a bit like Serena Van Der Wootsen in Gossip Girl series two, final episode.

I like you. I like everything you are about, and especially the way you think, if you even think at all.

I have noticed that there is a time and a place to be "thinking". For instance, not when you are boning, you should not be wondering how many calories were in that elusive skim caramel latte you had at 10:30 that morning.

Or when you are out and drunk, the last thing you should do is think about ANYTHING. Because it will either get you down, or cause you to spontaneously combust due to the brain cells that are forced to think but are trying to die peacefully at the same time.

DONT THINK...when you are talking to your friends about your problems or goss you have got, because you should always just say whatever the fuck you want and hope for the best (thats my way of doing things anyway.)

Dont think when talking to any teachers at university, just figure out what they like (individually) and adhere to that to the best of your ability. Because the fucking place is a corporate conglomerate designed to slowly and surely rip young people off whilst teaching them nothing, and eventually handing a piece of paper that will qualify them to work as the boom gate operator at the Easter Show. FUCK YOU UNIVERSITY, and if you are doing your HSC right now, fuck studying...

Go out and but yourself a leather jacket and a packet of safety pins and a bic lighter (preferably that brown colour).

Put on your leather jacket, stick a safety pin through your nose and go fucking torch every exam paper you are meant to do (on the respective days it is scheduled) and then do some drugs and become an artist and find a way to go to Paris and fuck heaps of chicks and dont give a shit until you are 40, then move to some suburban town and take up surfing and mushrooms and die a HAPPY FUCKING PERSON.

Instead of a fucking piece of cattle, that not even Huey from Hueys cooking classes or whatever that bullshit is on designed to numb us, would scarf down.

all Im saying is stop giving half assed gobbies to the man.

God I wish I could take my own advice.

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  1. 1.Licking the beaters after making anything delicious.
    2.Kissing someone after they have eaten something delicious.
    3. Surreptitiously smelling the pillow after someone delicious has lain there.

    Indulged in all three this past month: Check.