Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just been driving around town listening to Pearl Jam's black, and realised I am in come down city if there ever was one. I would be the fucking mayor.

I wanted to make a list of things I do not like, because tonight I feel like a wilting tree:

1. Being disappointed, by anyone. Fuck you, dont say you are going to do something and then not do it, it is damaging and stupid and makes you look like an idiot. And me.

2. When its too cold to eat an ice cream.

3. Police cars.

4. People who get into physical fights with others. You look like you are compensating for things you are lacking.

5. People who rip you off and dont even take a second thought.

6. People who you thought were your friend, but then go completely off the radar without a goodbye.

7. People who have fucking disgraceful mood swings (hypocrite? yes i know).

8. When nail polish chips.

9. Lazy people. Especially when it comes to the crunch, and they cant see it and just decide to do nothing, usually because they cant really be fucked and dont really care about the consequences.

10. Shit excuses. At least make up something interesting.

11. People who are so high on their own pedestal, it has actually lodged in their ass.

12. One word answers.

13. Being ignored.

14. Passive- aggression.

15. University.

16. fucking dirty liars.

17. People who go to festivals purely for the day out, instead of the music.

18. When the serotonin in your brain dips.

19. Having to see people you would prefer never to see again.

20. When the take away you just got goes cold in the car on the way home because you had to drive around to Pearl Jam and have that one last cigarette.

But hey, I love you, so who gives a fuck?

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