Thursday, June 3, 2010


Most boys who read this post wont like it but I dont know if I care.

Ladies...Brandon Boyd.

Now that is enough to induce heart breaking all around the world.

Is it a thing of nature that one man's voice can take a girl through all the bases without even coming into contact with another person?

I mean you could be driving down the F3 with one of your best girl friends listening to 'Monuments & Melodies' and then it becomes really awkward because you are both turned on and shit just got weird.

So thanks Brandon Boyd. For the orgasmic vocals that you seem to produce, oh and also adhering to the bad boy image by being arrested at the airport for accidentally having a pocket knife in guess what, his pocket.

He is a man of sensibilities.

Listening to 'Echo' the other day was another weird moment because it was ten o'clock at night, I was driving around because I was bored, and sly gasped when he sings the bit:

"i see your mouth in slow motion when you sing."

Then sort of checked myself and got a bit freaked out.

If you think this post is a fucking joke and completely pointless you are right.
But it is sex gods with vocal chords like the devil on acid because as we all know, nothing good is actually good, then youll have to excuse myself and Jess Moss, as we have many-a weird moment whilst listening to the likes of Incubus

oh, and Caleb Followill.

But Im pretty sure if i began to write about him my screen would explode.

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