Monday, June 14, 2010


Arent the best moments in life those in which you discover or re-discover how fucking cool someone is?

I love them!
It puts a spring in my step
and makes me all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

So i went to Club 77 this Sunday night to see the Bag Raiders peform their absolute hearts out.
I spent the entire set in a deep raiders trance in which I didnt stop flailing about for around an hour and a half, then went and had a cigarette and came back to find out there was some massive biff in the middle of the dancefloor!

You have to love long weekends.

But on this particular night of nights which could be stated as one of the best nights I have had all year, I found a new appreciation for a friend I know called Richard.

He was a wingman
He was an avid dancer.
He had to sit next to Leb.
He stood up for me.
He engaged in a long chat in the smokers room, even though he is only partial to a few cigarettes on a loose evening.
And if it wasnt for rick, there would be no awesome foursome.
It would be a great big stinkin third wheel
and I probably would have ended up with those "GABON" guys at HOME then ARQ and then probably at the matinee show of 'wicked'.

And also, he managed to end up at the Strand, beer in hand, with Amy Meredith watching the soccer.


oh yeah, and rick was involved in the biff haha!

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