Saturday, June 19, 2010


I cant decide whether or not im getting pretty sick and tired of derogatory comments.

Is it a ploy for attention?
Or something that is just natural when they flock in packs?
Or is it making up for a certain lacking?

I dont know if i can be bothered to care.
But I find that the "ego" is one of those things that girls will just never understand.

I personally think the "ego" and all the bells and whistles that come with it is a way of making someone feel uncomfortable or small so that the other counterpart can feel big and mighty at the expense of little one.

When i see this "ego" in all of its glory I cant help but feel a twang of pity towards the egotistic as if that person needs to feel mighty by using all these phrases and bitching and what not, instead of just talking and maybe even having a legitimate conversation that doesnt involve putting the other person in an awkward position.

Also, the rate at which things are blown out of proportion are another sign of an ego.

By no means am i complaining or suggesting that Ego is a dirty word.

Its not.
Its what attracts girls to boys.
Its what might make you funny.

But usually Im laughing at you.

Being rude, mean, aggressive or awkardly suggestive does not make a happy ego.
it makes a happy douche bag.

The line between douche and cheeky is so thin, man.

& the fact that half the shit you say doesnt even make sense doesnt help the fact that I am thinking in my head the whole time:
"just shut the fuck up."

Plus, the ego's dont even realise that surrounding them are non egomaniacs who stick out like they are fucking Jesus Christ.

However, it is getting easier to see through the fog of bullshit which can also be seen at 5am on the F3 (I believe it is thicker on a sunday morning as it shifts from above the beery where all the egos have gathered for their weekly wank) when you know these things:

1. The egomaniac sometimes can not be seen to the naked eye. You must delve deeper if you can be fucked.

2. The egomaniac does not care about who you are or what you have to say. They may even use the phrase "I know you are, but what am I?"

3. The egomaniac comes in all genders and body types.

4. The egomaniac will try their hardest to say nasty things to you or the people you know in order to appear larger, taller, bigger etc. They may succeed at this for a little while.

5. The egomaniac thinks it is invincible and can reflect your insults and gripes with it at all times. Until you find its achilles heel, which is usually by turning your attention away from the egomaniac. Remember, the ego has no power without a platform.

And most importantly, do not believe a fucking word that the ego says.

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