Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This could be a topic that should never be addressed as it may cause a bit of a stir due to the range of opinions that come with it.

but oh well.

So as we have all heard, Julia Gillard is now the Prime Minister.

Its true. everyones talking about it. a woman is now the leader of our country in a political sense.

Maybe its the people im friends with on Facebook, but I have noticed a lot of slander about the fact that she is a woman.

This is 2010.

I dont know if anyone has caught on, but the 1950's were 60 years ago.
60 years.

That is a long time to drag on mysoginistic banter reflecting a notion of "ME MAN YOU WOMAN ME GOOD YOU NOT AS GOOD AS ME"
that doesnt even really make sense anymore.

I mean, I even saw a status update that went:

"Our country has gone to shit, we have a woman for a PM"

Is it really that intimidating?
Do you think it will come to that time of the month and she will throw out a stimulus package allowing people to only buy Cleo magazine and chocolate?
Or will see be irrational in running the country, because of what lies beneath her undies?

It so fucking archaic and sad.

I havent seen so many sexist remarks in 24 hours than I have in a lifetime. Which is shocking i suppose.

How the fuck can women still be a minority?

So you think its funny to put down chicks in front of people so that you can maybe hopefully grow an extra 3 inches onto your dick so that when you do bend over in the shower you can (finally) manage to give yourself head.

To be honest its kind of weird to see young people throwing girls under the bus because of their gender. Have your parents or people who reflected their bullshit onto you while you were growing up actually mean that much to you that you repeat their own belief system without questioning authority to come to your own conclusion?

I just guess I got lost in the belief that we had moved past that as a generation, and looked back at our ancestors racist and sexist remarks at christmas time with a look of

"oh pop, you really have no idea."

But you know what, I cant sit here and type all this shit without saying that at some point in my life I have fuelled the sexist fire by playing dumb, or sacrificing my own needs for a boys.

I think in some senses, and some girls do actually play up to the stepford way without even realising it.

Like remember at school discos when straight girls used to kiss straight girls in an effort to produce some pubescent guy's third boner for his lifetime?

And when the art of being a "listener" to guys instead of actually saying what you are thinking which might be "enough with the talking about your work and what you did on the weekend with your BOYS, and please just go down on me and leave."

It is also a funny thing that I know amongst girls Ive chatted with that being called a "feminist" pretty much translates to a ball busting lesbian who does boot camp on a saturday.

I think I am a feminist, and I am not a ball busting lesbian who does boot camp on a saturday.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. Its just not a stereotype that I fit in to.

Someone fucking has to be a fucking feminist. Im sick of girls calling each other sluts and bitches and whores, and valuing some dweeb with a body odour problem over their own friendships.

People fuck up, shit happens, but if there is no sisterhood the way there is a brotherhood, then we are just on a downhill slope back to 1955.

Living on Uni Campus at Hawkesbury taught me that. Just as much as the brotherhood stood strong, the sisterhood on campus was just as sturdy. Might sound a bit camp, but we had chants that were designed just for us to throw back in the boys faces when they would say derogatory slurs coming off from a long night on the rum cans. There, I learnt the true meaning of what it is to be a girl amongst girls who had your back before anyone else, ever.

And i cant decide whether or not short skirts and tits out and all that Zoo magazine shit is liberating women or not?

On one hand it seems as though the women are holding the cards, whereas on the other hand it is an objectifying view of women used for guys to do whatever the fuck they want with.

(if only they made Zoo waterproof)

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  1. its great Julia is PM I'm a long time admirer and was a supporter of her assuming the leadership but K-Rudd did instead, she is a more Australian political animal than Rudd who was dictatorial and ran things in a presidential way, Julia is a much better fit for the Labor party and for Australia

    To be honest, from the outside lookin in the sisterhood was not as strong coz they spent way more time fighting and undermining each other than the boys could ever have. that could very well be a symptom of the male-dominated society we live in meaning that men do not have to jostle for position in the same way as women but to be honest most of the time men only have to sit back and watch the "sisterhood" destroy itself