Monday, June 7, 2010



the sky outside my house. Or the five minutes before it started raining.

a glass of red, but not only a glass of red. red wine in one of those really european heavy big glasses. The dark things always feel the best.

The card I got my mum for mother's day. Especially when my nan asked last night, "whats an m - i - l - f?"

My collection of lipsticks. I swear each shade produces a different feeling. But they are guilty because I think I have too many, and a few in the same shade. Lips are like the eyes though. Boys stare at both when they like you. ha!

The creepy man I picked up outside 55 Cope st Redfern when I was living there. I like him especially because everyone who sees him, hates him and wants him to leave the room. So thats why I put him behind the shades, to creep people out.


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