Sunday, June 27, 2010


It sounds weird but watching the X files lately has me thinking a lot about sexual tension.
Its one of those unexplainable things that just occurs with certain people with or without your consent.
It can be intimdating and exciting all at the same time.
It is also hilarious to watch as an outsider.
And it usually occurs when you least expect it.
Like one of my friends recently always had this sexual tension with a boy and then out of nowhere it was like a cauldron bubbling over and they made out. good on them.
But I cant help but muse over the fact of it as a feeling or an emotion. It is a scarce and often weird feeling that can produce so many different reactions.
Like I cant stand that playful ribbing each other kind of sexual tension that comes in the form of insults and jabs at appearance. I think its a little too childish for me.
But I like that sexual tension that can be transferred within a look or a sentence in which you both know what each other are thinking, and there is that little lightning bolt that hits every one of your nerve endings.
I think it is one of the little joys of life that goes unrecognised most of the time due to embarrasment or maybe just the fact that no one else can feel it except for the two (or three) involved in it.
Also, it can be one of the things that disappears first in a relationship, i suppose, unless you are very lucky.
Is it just physical attraction that propels this kind of tension?
Or is it something that is meant to happen because of the make up of who you are?
I remember one morning on a kick on, my friend Ruari asked for a blanket, so I gave him my doona only to hear him exclaim "ohhhhh! girl smell! do you know if you are attracted to a girls scent you are compatible with her?"
that scene has stayed with me for way too long. I think about it a lot.
You know how with some people they have a certain scent?
And its just their scent.
I always wonder if other people can smell what you can, or if it is just made for you?
Which all goes back to this sexual tension business. It could be a sign of compatability in a sexual or attraction sense. Or it could be the fact that you havent had a root in 5 months. Who knows.
Like, I wonder if you can choose who you have this attraction to, or if it is just about who you are and what you like.
I see some of my friends being attracted to the same types of people and I cant help but be amused or interested at what it is that attracts them to that person.
For instance,
My friend Bridie always goes for the surfer kind of boys, they are usually on the shorter side and have a laid back attitude. EVERYTIME.
Whereas I cant seem to pinpoint what I am attracted to, maybe its a reflecting of my personality that I seem to go for polar opposites and dont really have a pattern when it comes to boys.
Like at the moment, a sleeve tattoo will make me lose my mind but when I was nineteen I wouldnt have even thought about it. I know that sounds so dicky to point out one physical aspect but its the god damn truth.
The one thing I am enjoying about being single is that sexual tension that you have with near strangers, you dont know much about them except for the fact that youre a little bit scared to look them in the eye for the pure thought that you might not be able to control yourself and ravish them in a tent or something. (not relating to splendour at alllllllll)
by the way, this is the second post that is relating to David Duchovny who has earned the honourary DILF of the decade award in my own mind.
I hope he enjoys the kudos.

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