Sunday, June 6, 2010


Do you ever feel as though all your problems could be resolved if you just ran away?

It is such a childish and cowardly answer to life which many people use as a fighting mechanism.
It is pitiful.
But i understand it.

Where would you run to?
Is there anywhere that can remain pure, or will problems just surface there as well?

Is it a chance to look inside yourself and realise the problems you create?

But I am not blaming anyone.
It is probably the front I put up that allows people to think they can say things to me and I can take it.
But I cant.
Not anymore.

This isnt meant to be a diary in which I project all my woes upon. But I just wanted to touch on that instinct that I think alot of people do possess.

The urge to run.

If things get too hard
If things dont work out
If you are hurt
If you are angry
If you are bored.

It should not be as stupid as someone using profanity or an insult to crack the extremely hard surface that has been building for the past few months.
But it was.

And now I feel the urge to run.
Get the fuck out of here
Lose any ties I once had and just be free.

It is just so consuming and tedious to have to converse with those who hold no currency in your life today. Some people need to fuck off.

Some people need to run away from me.

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