Wednesday, June 9, 2010


chivalry is dead.
I think we all knew this a long time ago.

Its just sad to finally come to terms with its death and grieve it properly so Ive decided to write an obituary for chivalry (out of respect for its family & friends):

Chivalry was born in the later 1600s when gentlemen were expected to woo their lady fairs.
I regret to announce it's devastating passing over on the 9th of June 2010.
It will be greatly missed by womenkind everywhere
But its enemies will no longer lose any sleep over chivalry's expectations.
It had no children
Divorced and widowed by mankind,
However, its achievements got men into the undies of many girls
and even made them feel a bit special too
It seemed to be working out rather well
Until it's untimely death on this day.
Chivalry- you will be missed.

just when you think nothing else could possibly be working against you, welcome to the death of chivalry.
Its gone.
And its never coming back.

Some may throw their hands up in glee at this thought, but I am not.
I am disappointed.
And i am TIRED of being disappointed.

No one has to work for anything anymore do they?
It is not a nice feeling being made to feel as though you are something that is fun to kill some time with and not worth being made to feel anything better.
It is a shame.

All i know is that most of the girls I know, actually work to please their man.

Maybe its our fault as girls for giving it up too easily?
Maybe we should make them sweat a little more
work a little harder
because as we all know,
anything worth having never comes easily.

But I mean sure, to be fair, there is a line between being a gentlemanly pussy and a bad ass.
But boys, if you ever find that fucking line you better attach yourself to a harness no matter how much it hurts your nuts and toe the line

why you may ask?

because, believe it or not,

you are meant to be a MAN.

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  1. many women these days see acts of chivalry as forward or sleazy, the progression of feminism has blurred lines that were once clear and men don't know what acts of chivarly are considered acceptable and which ones are considered sleazy or even patronizing...granted we should be smart enough to figure it out and don't really try hard enough to do so, but its not as simple as it seems sometimes