Sunday, September 5, 2010


here are some of the best things about Sundays:

1. You can eat whatever you want and whenever you want in as much quantity as you like because more than likely you are hungover.

2. The best morning sex happens on Sundays. Whether or not its with your girl/boy friend or with a one night stand you dragged home (but had that little pit stop to make out while he held your kebab and/or kitten heels), and then as you both rolled over to each other and thought "I might as well make this an occassion to remember." and then made sweet cigarette smelling love all over his friend's fold out.

3. It is usually sunny, which means it is a good reason to go over your friend's house and sit in the sun and listen to Band of Horses. or Foals.

4. Sometimes Sundays are actually Saturdays.

5. Hair of the dog.

6. You can listen to the XX and fully appreciate the tempo.

7. Sunday mornings usually start off so badly that it can only get better as the day goes on.

8. You can wake up with the knowledge that a certain liquor should never touch your lips ever again.

9. Your friends can and will laugh at anything you did the night before. Also good for the times when you cant remember what happened, and being the friend who lies to freak the rummy out. EG: "what did i do last night?"
"You totally hooked up with your cousin man."
"FUCK! "

10. You might wake up realising you have secret talents that even YOU didnt know you possessed.

11. Perfect day to have poached eggs.

12. Everyone looks like shit on Sundays.

13. If its a summer day, you can go lie on the beach and fall asleep and everyone will think your this mad guidette heaps psyched on building up a natural looking tan.

14. My favourite part about Sunday mornings personally, is waking up with a full face of make up on, usually naked (and alone, mind you) and looking at myself in the mirror and laughing at the faded lipstick on my lips.

15. I dont like looking at the messages I sent, but I like seeing the ones that were written back by equally fucked up people.

16. Sitting in my car with a sandwich from Green Rooms, a cupcake and a cigarette.

17. Watching babes surf.

18. Sitting on the side of the road dressed in the same outfit as the night before with a durry in hand, having not slept and slurring jeers at passing joggers.

19. Everyone in my house is watching the football somewhere around the coast, which means sleep ins and cheekiness.

20. When I wake up in the morning (much like this morning) and I look at Meg and she laughs at me.

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