Wednesday, September 22, 2010

POST 69.

I just read 'Acclaim' magazine, and got completely inspired by this photographer called Ellen Stagg.
She is known for using girls in the adult industry (who are usually friends) and take erotic photographs of them.

I was particularly taken by the photograph you see pictured here. Something which is so innocent but is mixed with a bit of cheekiness (literally).

It also got me thinking about the human form. I was talking to Ellen the other day (albeit hungover as anything), and there was an advertisement on a bus detailing some art major student from 1992, who got a showing somewhere in QLD.
The ad consisted of this woman naked in a bath filled with rainbow gum balls. She had one finger in her mouth and a "come hither" look on her face.
Pretty textbook, if you ask me.

I was staring at it for a bit in disgust and wonderment, when I turned to Ellen and said...

"Why is it that being naked has become so taboo and sexualised, when really....we are born naked."

She seemed to agree with the idea I was throwing her way verbally, and it really got me thinking about how we really are only naked whilst submerged in water, getting our rocks off, sleeping, or frolicking about the house when no one is home.

I am speaking for myself however, I dont know what you might get up to on your days off, but that is the naked roster for myself.

It is funny how things that seem so innocent change when you get older.

For instance, I was obviously too young to watch 'Billy Madison' as I always laughed at the "My Aunty Fanny" part, and it was only when I hit high school and re watched it at Dynamite Video did I laugh at the "Page 69" bit.

Kisses are no longer something your mother forces you to do to your little boy friend because you both got sold into wedding slavery and made to be tiny little flower boys/girls, and had to do it for a picture otherwise you would NOT get a Bubble-o bill after the ceremony.

& god forbid you even mentioned the letters S-E-X.
No one wanted to get a belting.

Oi, can I also ask why people think the number 69 is funny?
I know I know...its also the name of a completely ridiculous and virtually impossible sexual position.
Come to think about it, I think it might be one of those unexplainable things in which it is funny because it can make us blush, and perhaps reflect on a really fucking drunk night when you tried it but fell off the bed and hit your head on the bedside clock.

Ill be the first person to raise my hand and tell you I constantly have a string of sexual innuendo running through my mind when people talk. If you have seen Scrubs, I am the Todd.

Speaking of blushing, I had not seen a grown man blush in SO long. But I did the other day when Bridie and I were in Coles (of course) and when we got to the checkout line, there was a boy working there who looked like the lead singer from Mumford and Sons.

So I said to him, "You look like the lead singer of Mumford and Sons!!"

BRIDIE: "Yeah you do!!"

Boy then looked down at the ground to which bridie said:


We then both giggled and he giggled and it made my day.

I love it when people blush. I somehow believe it is my lot in life to make people blush.
Thats why I love doling out compliments, which most people dont like, but I do, to make them uncomfortable at first but then hopefully will get them to look in the mirror and admire the thing I just pointed out that I admire.

I want you to know, dear reader, that I admire you and the time you take out of the day to read this, and if I have ever made you blush before, then thankyou, because I think you're a bit sexy.

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