Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ill do anything to not do what I am meant to do.
I just drove around for an hour, looking at the same sights I see everyday, but somehow they were transformed into something resembling Narnia, due to the fact I have to smash out three assignments by next week.

Any old excuse will do.
Oh no! I got Season 3 of Gossip Girl for my birthday, I now need to scout out Seasons 1 & 2 so I can truly know what has happened for NYC upper east side elite.

Procrastination makes you do funny things. Like I remember in the HSC I would cook a meal every night and have a glass of red wine because I thought that was the most stressful thing I would ever encounter.
Boy, was I wrong.

HSC time, I also bought the guitar sheets for every Bob Dylan song he has ever penned and stole my brother's guitar in the vain hope I would become the new Joan Baez instead of studying for the 3 hour Geography exam.

But its through university in which I have truly been astounded at my procrastination skills.
It is an excuse to get drunk on a Wednesday night.
I am constantly bothering friends who arent procrastinators into leaving the glow of the computer screen with me and indulging in some tempura prawns.
I re-organise my entire Itunes library and make myself interesting in music I would have scoffed at previously to the looming nature of these three assignments.
I even drove to Tuggerah the other day to look for some books.

No one from Terrigal goes to Tuggerah unless David Jones is having a sale, or they recently discovered there is a Mad Mex there.
Oh and also to visit David Bellato during his chef shift.

See? Even procrastination makes me rag on Tuggerah. Its not that bad of a place, its the start of the Road Trip to Byron/QLD.

Im not to be trusted when I am procrastinating, I am even writing this blog instead of highlighting all the text book bullshit that will eventually lead to me scoring an internship at Take Five mag.

If you are currently in the same position as me then here are some wise ways to procrastinate:

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