Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are such complex little homosapiens arent we?
Or are we?

Is that something we project upon others to appear more mysterious and appealing to chase after?
What is so appealing about the chase?
Here are some reason I came up with:

1. Nothing good ever comes and stays good, easily.
2. Everyone is intrigued by a challenge, except for lazy people. you can go fuck your couch. And your smiths chips packet.
SIDE NOTE: No, smiths chips packet do not make legit condoms. DO NOT TRY AT HOME.
3. Some people only want what they cant have. Masochists mainly.
4. Some people enjoy the fact that to work or play for something, you may WIN.
5. Mystery ALWAYS beats out VULGARITY.

There is a misconception that boys like the chase more than girls do, but I can tell you from experience/ other girl's experience that it is not always the case.
Cant count the amount of time I've heard:
Fucked up right?

There we go being all complicated again. Its just the chase. All about the chase, baby.

Girls may find the chase titillating (ha), but I know for somewhat of a fact (not entirely sure but Im gonna appear confident, because it's all a game, right?)
that girls LOVE to be chased.
I do believe that that is their preference in the love or better yet, lust race.

I do think that if a girl is chasing a boy it might feel a bit foreign to them, depending on who they are and where they have been, as it is assumed that the man will take the "woo"ing glove and put his hands in knuckle deep.

I dont know if this is a good or a bad thing. Does it make us ladies, lazy? Do we expect to lay back in our deck chairs and be propositioned by hairy bellybuttons in hot pink speedos?
Or should we be the ones going for what/who we want?

I have a friend who I wont name, maybe Ill edit it later if she wants to be credited, who asked out an older man for a spot of dinner.
I was extremely proud of her!
Well done, Kudos and all that for putting yourself out there and being the one with the Nike joggers on, ready for the chase. I really appreciated it!

We are independent women!
If we really want to get shit done, including our sex lives, I say we step up to the plate and start being the sleazy motherfuckers that we USUALLY have to fend off with a bored look and a disinterested "YEP." or "NOPE".

I think the funniest and best thing to see of late is a girl hitting on a boy, and watching his face go from shock, to "I am being Punk'd" to "wait I didnt even get to see her ass, Im not sure" face, to eventually FUCK YEAH BABY!

I am not hinting to any sort of decisions I am going to make in my life at the moment, however.
Congrats to anyone who is flying the 'fuck it' flag, but I am stuck in a 'I dont really care'/ Whatevs sort of mood when it comes to the chase.

FUTURE PREDICTION: Ill end up fucking a packet of Salt n Vins.

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