Thursday, September 2, 2010


Snoop put it riiiight when he spouted the title.

I love gap teeth.

They are fucking sexy

and if you are out there with one of these:

then YOU are fucking sexy.
I never understood the people who once had a gap but then got a cap and found out they couldnt rap (anymo')
I tried to rhyme im sorry.
If there is one thing that can tip the scale on the pro's and con's of a dude, it is a GAP in the teeth.
Not only is "gap" a fun word to say, it describes the sexiest attribute a man can possess.
in my eyes anyway.
When I was getting braces back in year eight I had a gap in my teeth for six months.
They were the best six months of my life to date.
No, they werent, I was awkward as fuck but at least I had a gap to soothe the nights spent on MSN trying to figure out what I should change my screen name to.
Shit. Seems alot hasnt changed what with Facebook and all.
I just thought that a gap in the teeth is sometimes ambiguous to the naked eye. Well luckily my eye seems to be clothed at all times as I can spot the fuckers miles away.
Shout out to Kyle Wainman, the man with the best gap I have ever seen.

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