Monday, September 20, 2010



After this monumental weekend in Queensland. The final one that Ellen will be a resident for, for some time and the final one I will be having in the vain hope of saving my pennies.

It sure was a goodbye that will stay with the "smart" state for a long long time.

Consisting of transformers masks, red cups, cigarette cases and lighters including a fucked one which had "FUCK" emblazoned on it, a very nice employee of "OFF YA TREE", a picnic and the decks that couldnt reach, soul sister aboriginal lady who gatecrashed, countless chippies, elsewhere (where else, right?), sunday kick on's at Amy and Brady's love shack, trolleys, talk of The Rabbit, Penny Lane (the smokers area), hecklers (OI WHERES YA UNDIES?) and Spanglish.

Take that and mix it into a really smooth and delicious guacamole type dish and EAT IT YOU MOTHERFUCKER.
you werent there.

Or some of you were, and it was good to see you.
But whoever wasnt, then you probably didnt hear the multiple conversations about a million different things, including why Hungry Jacks wraps were called "Alfresco". Does that mean you HAVE to eat it outside?

But also, the pressing topic and unexplainable action that is kissing.
making out.
eating someones face.
open mouth kisses.
kisses in other places.

The best kisses are the ones that happen out of nowhere. And no, I dont mean you are sitting on the train and the long haired lout with pinned eyeballs comes up to you with an MX he has been using for toilet paper and rolling tobacco, and plants one on you.

Im talking about spontaneity. Thats just one situation though.

I also think nice kisses are ones that are similar to how you kiss. Thats why its sometimes so hard to find a good kisser. Because, no, not everyone is the same as you.

I like the anticipated kisses, especially the ones that you know you should not be doing it, but you do it anyway because you want to/ cant help yourself.

But in summation, what Ellen and I discussed was about how weird kissing is when you take a step back and realise its when you touch your mouth to another's.

But why does it sometimes feel so good?
I know I know.

The nerve endings and shit.

But its such a weird conclusion to show affection by touching lips. And it is astounding how sometimes it can be so electric.

And sometimes so taboo.
Well maybe not so much in 2010, but I know everyone shat their dacks when Britney and Madonna (oh yeah AND Christina) smooched on that award show.

Now, you just have to roll into any sort of half seedy establishment and find straight girls making out for money. Or maybe you can just live on campus at Hawkesbury. (remember that, girls?)

Aint no shame, ladies do your thing, just make sure you're ahead of the game.

Anyway, kissing is quite odd when you think about, but I suppose its like Devon or Chiko Rolls, theres no point in thinking about it as it ruins it and might make you never want to eat it again.

As I have written here before, I prefer the sexual tension before a kiss anyway.
It's a bit like a Marvin Gaye song.

I get the same sexual tension when thinking about Chiko Rolls and Devon.


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