Monday, August 30, 2010


I have just had/ am still having the best morning of my life.
I dont think i have smiled so much ever!

So i got woken up by my brother asking for money for petrol, even though i paid for his indian food last night (he got butter chicken), and all he did was re pay me with a box of smarties (my favourite chocolate always), so he was in the good books then, but he proceeded to wake me up at 7am for moolah.

I gave him the moolah, much like what the sopranos family would exchange money (we are quarter italian), and then got up and made some weetbix and wondered what to do with the three hours im usually still sleeping in.

I decided to download some everclear to my iphone, chuck on some shorts and a white t shirt and orange lipstick and set off for wamberal beach.

I got down there and walked the entire length of that motherfucker even though the waves were splashing on my feet and it was kind of cold, but then I was getting hot because its sunny as fuck out there today, like a giant gaytime icecream has replaced the sun and is just beating down with tiny biscuit bits that cover it, which i dont think anyone knows exactly what they are.

I saw so many puppies. Of all shapes and sizes and they looked like they were in their own lovely bones. One golden retriever was all wet and came up to me for a pat and I didnt care, I pat the cute little mutt like i was going blind tomoro. and then i told him where his blue ball had gone.

I listened to everclear, and then some passion pit, and sat on the beach with sand all down my pants (i dont know how it got there) and GRINNED at the entire situation and felt so amazing!

I then thought, I should blog this because I cant get over how happy I was/ still am in that place and time, it was just so beautiful.

And I watched surfers and they looked at me too, and then they came out of the water one by one and we smiled at each other.

not even the truck with Ă„USTRALIAN MADE" written in big gothic letters on the back and southern cross or the fight I had with Jetstar at 8am, or the liquid eyeliner which had gone all the way up my eyelid because it was windy could deter me from feeling like the happiest girl in the world.

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