Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you ever have sexual dreams about people you saw randomly/ have known for years/ will never meet?
Ive had a sex dream about Ice Cube once, and right at the end just before I woke up he said "Thank god it's friday." which I thought was really well scripted.
Ive also had a sex dream about a former room mate before, he knows who he is, which was really odd and slightly passionate and i felt really awkward about it until I told him, and then he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. (hi josh.)
I recently had a sex dream about one of you lucky lads out there (i know, calm down...) with which I havent told the person yet because I think I would actually like to have sex with them.
So with which comes the question:
Is it ok to talk about sex dreams with the people you had them with if it is purely platonic and essentially means nothing, or is it a sexual fantasy even though you cant really help it?
I just asked a guy friend of mine about sex dreams and he said that he has had many about people he knows but has never really told them as he said many guys wouldnt go up to a girl and say "hey I had a sex dream about you." to which I said "I wish they would more often." and he replied, "well probably not because ours end up wet."
He then said, "its a total subconcious mind orgasm, just eat some cheese and go to bed."
It sounds like a decent way to spend a night in. But the way my sex dreams are going it might make them a little too freaky, and i dont want to wake up sweating in winter and realising it didnt happen.....again.
Sex dreams are fucking funny though, and the people you never thought you would giggle about, suddenly make you blush and reminsce to that time when you were sleeping...but MAN did they know what they were doing between the sheets. in your mind.
Ive heard of chicks giving themselves an orgasm in their sleep.
fuck them.

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