Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So i had to sit through the 2 hour gut wrenching spectacle known as the movie 'Valentine's Day' today.

I dont know what I was thinking. Maybe, that it wouldnt be so bad...there are alot of "stars" in it.
But I have learned that if there are alot of celebrities packed into one rom com, then that means the writers/directors/producers want to lull the audience into believing that the script is genius by distracting them with big names.

Live & Learn.

It was one of those movies that you dont want to die after because you feel like you just wasted your life and you want to go out and sky dive or something to make up for the conditioned bullshit you just sat through.

Anyway, enough with handing the movie's ass back to it.

It did have some point that made me think I could write down some thoughts about.
For instance, the emphasis on Valentine's Day and especially flowers.

As I was watching it, I realised how much flowers can improve a situation.

As stupid as that just sounded after i ripped on the movie, I was watching it with a extremely good friend of mine who said:

"God I would love to get some flowers."

to which I immediately agreed. Then we went off in some spiel about how boys just dont realise the power of a flower and how much ass/ love/ out of the dog house benefits it can bring them.

No one gives flowers anymore I think....

Well not to the people who surround me anyway, except for Madeline who got a random bunch of pink roses the other day, "just because...."

See its this kind of shit that makes it a million times harder for boys to score/ get out of trouble, and a million times harder for girls when their expectations are shattered and disappointment is the focal emotion that they possess.

for example.

An anonymous friend of mine said over dinner recently:

"If he just rocked up at my house with a bunch of flowers, I would forget about all the stupid shit he's done and it would be fine."

I dont know if this blog is a hint, or whatever, but I have just noticved some compelling evidence in the way of flowers lately. It sounds so superficial and trivial, but I think the little gestures are the ones worth savouring.

And I know...I probably shouldnt be advertising another tactic for lads to get their hands on your knickers, but we all know you want their hands on your knickers as well.

Especially if they come with flowers.

Maybe the flower is really a symbol of a peace offering, just like in the sixties with that famous gesture of placing a flower in the barrel of a gun.

And I also think its interesting how girls are sort of like flowers. (well most girls)
They smell nice
They are colourful
They look pretty
They are soft to touch
And sometimes there is a bee waiting inside to sting you after its had sex with the flower.

How can i spend so much time talking about fucking flowers?
Because its winter on the Central Coast, thats why, and I think too much in winter, and I think too much on the Central Coast about dumb shit that essentially means nothing.

All I wish for this absolute time wasting blog, which ironically is a bit like Valentines Day the movie is that:

1. You dont want to blow your brains out after reading this, or sky dive.

2. You buy or pick a girl or boy who you think is a red hot lover/ sexy/ pretty/annoying/too nice to bone but still good to listen to your problems/ beautiful/ amazing/ stalker a bunch or even one little flower because it will make their day.


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