Monday, August 23, 2010


This is the second part of the series on why we love each other, boys and girls that is.

Now that I have proclaimed my love for men, I thought they should do the same, so I asked around and this is what I recieved:

# Modesty in girls.

# When they smile at me.

# The way a girl brings out the best in a boy

# The smell a girl leaves on your pillow for a few days after they slept in your bed.

# That every girl washes their hair religiously and I can smell it from 100metres away.

# No matter how pissed or shitty you are, a soft kiss on the cheek and a hug can make you feel like superman again.

# Lipstick.

# When they bite my bottom lip.

# How a girl's skin is totally soft.

# Taking a female clothes shopping as I hate it, makes it easier and more efficient.

# When they get all pissed off when you are making fun of them but they secretly love it.

# They way they make your bed extra warm in winter.

# When a girl cooks you yummy food just because they can.

# BB&L (bums, boobs and legs)

# When a girl doesnt abuse the power they have over boys.

# When girls get ready altogether, putting their little make up on and dresses.

# EVERYTHING. (I heard this answer the most which is nice.)

# The contrast, compliment and challenge to a man.

# The unknown.

# The chase.

# They are fragile and small.

# The effort girls make.

# Aesthetic Beauty.

# Intimacy and the changes it has on a relationship.

# How nearly almost every girl reminds me of a kitten up close.

# The fact that nearly ten times out of ten they will always be crazier than me, so I feel sane.

# When they borrow your clothes.

# A girl when she has just woken up with messy hair and wearing your T shirt.

# A nice back of the knee (?)

# How there is a sensor in our heads that know a girl is behind us or out of our direct eyeline, and that we should turn and check them out.

# "Except for butch chicks, because they are just dudes without a cock."

THAT was a struggle.

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