Monday, August 23, 2010


On saturday night, I was told by an anonymous source that I need to stop the man-hating and start man-loving.
And pretty much as soon as they said that a boy yelled out at me
"your so gay!"
and I couldnt help but laugh and feel slightly smug that I was proven right.
But that is beside the point, this post will be completely full of man love, basically, what I and some other girls I know love about boys:

! They are fun to kiss, especially when they are free of massive facial hair (sorry jack).
! When they hold your hand (especially being a girl who has mits, I like feeling small handed in that moment.)
! You can wear their havianas on the walk of shame.
! Bartenders.
! Boys in a suit.
! Gap in a boy's teeth.
! They make you feel small and engulfed in their testosterone loveliness.
! When boys first wake up, they look the cutest they could look all day, especially because they usually havent opened their mouth yet.
! The look in a boy's eye when they want to throw you on the nearest surface and get freaky.
! Wrestling with a boy and they get too into it and get sly serious, to which you say "hey nup." and they look all sheepish like they forgot themselves for a second and then kiss the knee they just dislocated.
! If you cry, they always feel the need to hug you.
! Male voices always sound better.
! It is hard for them to have an annoying, distinct laugh.(Exception: Jared Wharton)
! Boys with long eyelashes because they rarely know they have them and flutter them without realising.
! When they take their shirt off and know that is nothing for them, but I dont know about you other ladies, but I alweays get a secret thrill out of it.
! Boy's backs.
! When they concentrate on things, like writing stuff down.
! How boys writing always looks like they just got their pen license.
! Watching boys surf/skate.
! Boys who smoke cigarettes
! Boys with tattoos.
! Watching boys play the drums.
! When boys call you baby/babe.
! When boys are going for a jog.
! When boys make you a sandwich or a meal and look really self concious about it.
! When you can tell they are sweating over being in your presence.
! When they stand up for their friends who are girls.
! When they invite you to pool parties.
! When they ask you "What do you want to drink?"
! When they pretend that they arent taking your fashion advice seriously, but then mysteriously appear in the recommended outfit.
! When they are in a towel and have just come out of the shower.
! When they wear plain white t shirts.
! When you catch them checking out your legs/bum.
! When they are really passionate about something.
! Boys in uniform.
! When a boy twirls you on the dancefloor.
! A man who is very close to his man friends.
! Mumford and Sons.
! Boys who refuse to be sleazy.


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