Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today in class there was a boy who I had already suspected was still dressed by his mummy every morning, who took something out of his pocket, sneezed and used the recepticle for the sneeze.

It was a navy blue hanky.

I looked at him for a moment too long, thinking about who uses hankies that is under the age of 75, only for him to then get out what looked like a strawberry flavoured lip balm and he went nuts applying that bad boy like he was practicing how to kiss girls on it.

Im not having a go at him as a person.
I just couldnt help but be astounded to the use of hankies and lippie so freely as a man?

Im not ragging on lip balm as much as hankies. It was weird.
It was kind of retro in a creepy, this boy might just become a serial killer in the not too distant future kind of way.

I guess its the little things that can make you smile or in this case, shiver that can make a day.

Like the time we saw someone threw a bong on top of a picnic shelter at the Haven, when all the while a nice wholesome family played and ate red rooster chicken sandwiches underneath it, none the wiser.

Or when someone lets a tit slip when you're on the dancefloor, it is a two-fer. It can make me shiver and then I will laugh and thank christ it wasnt me this time.

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