Thursday, May 5, 2011



pie & Jess.

Marie & Ellen.

Jess & Madeline.

Jess & Bridie.

Bridie & Meg




Meg & Jess.


Everyone has friends that bring something special into the mix.
Whether that be the sense of humour, or the weed connection.
Everyone contributes and everyone is special.

I love my friends so much.
And I know everyone hears that all the time and it does get old, but fuck you for caring about how many times I say I love my friends.
You are obviously not one of them.

I happen to have a set of amigos that are undeniably babes.
You can not look at the aforementioned photographs and disagree.
Unless you are stupid or have a serious penchant for fake tits, no brains and pelvis' that resembles a hallway.

I love them and I do believe they love me back.

However, when you are surrounded by a flock of beautiful hummingbirds at every moment you tend to notice the male backlash.

For instance, I get asked a million times a minute if one of them is single, or interested in the poor sap with no testicles asking her friend if he has a shot.
Put it this way, if you are asking me, you do not have a shot in hell with this beautiful woman.
Go home and get on Ebay to find some deals on the Fleshlight.

I was once watching The Prodigy (please open Itunes and put on a Prodigy song if you have one on there to really set the scene of how ludacris (ha) this was) when a boy who I saw frequently on the cruise at Schoolies grabbed my arm mid dance and shouted-stuttered into my ear

" ya friend....ya friend there....single? Is she single?"

I turned around and naturally screamed fuck off in his face.

I am not complaining about the constant berating I get from lads trying to get five minutes in these lovely girls dacks, but it makes me resent the fact that these bastards do not even take a minute to get to know these amazing girls, but rather judge them on how lovely they are and then proceed to ask their friend to get some action.

These girls are not for your childish needs that night.
Dont touch them if you are fucking around.
I will kill you.

Do you understand me?

I know some of the girls above have love in their lives with boys who deserve them and some do not yet.
The time will come, and when it does....Ill be damned if its from some dude with a stiffy in a festival crowd asking ME for their number.

These flowers that are in my life will never be trampled upon.
These sunny days that are in my life wont ever feel the clouds coming over them.

I love you .

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