Sunday, May 29, 2011


I never knew how I would be able to say the things I have always wanted to say to you out loud.
They seem so much more poetic in my head, whenever I think of you and what you did.
Maybe I am being romantic and whimsical about such a bleak existence I was living at the time.
Maybe it helps to deal with it better that way.
But I will never forget you, or what you did.

I think I should start from the beginning.

I was trapped in my own body, no knowing who I would become or what the next day would bring.
You showed me myself.
You made me believe I was more than what I was allowing myself to be.
You were the first.
You were the last.
You still make me nervous and I do not know why.
Or maybe I do.

The world became a galaxy with you and I will never forget what that felt like.
I am fearful that was the only fleeting moment in my life.

You changed me forever.

Before you, I was easily influenced and could be molded into any form.
I was a chameleon without any colour.

I was a blank page that you scribbled on then left.
But I am not bitter.
I could never be even if I tried.

The etchings you left on me, stay with me.

I doubt you will ever read this or fully understand the profound place you had in my life.
Because I was foolish and young.

But I am older now, and I see things more clearly than I ever have before.

All I really want to say is thank you.

You saved my life.

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