Saturday, May 21, 2011


I was once at the beery in Terrigal and saw a girl pick up a steel chair and fling it at another girl.

I ducked out of pure reflex and then as usual gathered around to see what events would surely take place.

I was just thinking about that incident and wondering why girls are so willing to throw punches these days.

Whether its over some lad looking guy who is standing by waiting to see which one beats out the other like a cock fight, making sure the one who ends up with a chunk of extensions in their hand gets a well earned gobbie at the end of the night.

Or whether it is over a spilled drink by "accident" or maybe a derogatory slur in the middle of a bar line.

Us girls shouldnt be getting into fisticuffs over these matters. It makes me wonder if the term "lady" has been buried for a long time now.

But then again, shouldnt we stand up for what we deem is right, albeit in some dirty bar brawl where your bodycon ends up over your head for your new target undies to make a splash for all the punters within view.

I have an adverse respect for anyone, male or female, who doesnt succumb to the pressures of a fight. I find a fight pointless, believing you can sort out your problems with words or at the very least, with a few hollow threats.

We as women, find it hard to define femininity anymore. At least I do anyway.

Being tough has become an admirable quality for chicks, and weakness being defined as being quiet or taking the high road in some cases.

It just seems very low brow and 'Mean Fiddler' of us girls to throw down when we are challenged by other girls who feel the need to punch on.

I have a friend, who will remain nameless (but will probably be recognisable to the people who know her well) that when she has had a few MAY rattle off some insults kind of quietly but kind of not for her own entertainment and usually for ours as well. She did it a little too loudly a while back in the middle of Terrigal and some girl came up and palmed her in the face.

"That is so aggressive" was my first thought, followed by "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Maybe the spectacle of two girls talking tough is funny, and not taken as seriously as a couple of blokes exchanging the same words. Maybe because growing up in this area, a biff is as common as a group of dressed up chicks at N Thai Sing skulling bottles of vino.

And therefore, the biff in Terrigal has just become second nature, and something to expect when travelling out there for a casual binge drink.

Yet, I still find myself sighing and rolling my eyes when I see a pair of etnies flying past my eyeline.

The art of the brawl is just so common amongst males that when chicks get rough, it is almost taboo and just something you can not avert your gaze from. Or maybe, boys watch it and egg the girls on in the vain hope a tit will come flying out of their sequin camisole top and they can cross that off their bucket list.

Or maybe it has something to do with all the girl on girl mud wrestling that has become a national sport (and international) producing a gaggle of guys all aching to see a few rigs rolling around in wet dirt.

Sometimes I just think we have moved backwards for feminism. It is so hard to determine whether it is empowering for women to finally express their hatred for other females, or if it just classless and in poor taste in terms of being a "lady".

And it is so hard to determine what is feminine. Is it feminine to show off your shit and sleep with as many men as humanly possible?
Is it feminine to not give a fuck what people think and just be who you are anyway?
Is it feminine to channel the retro goddesses of the past and adhere to the whole Stepford mentality?
Is it feminine to just be a girly girl and pretend you love manicures and extensions and fake tan and the whole deal, when you dont really? (me.)

But then again (without trying to sound too confused) I do enjoy the blending of sexes that the 21st century has brought upon us.
The men who look like women (Andrej Pejic- google him)
The women who look like men.
The people who look like neither.

But you will always find your critic, who wants the world to stay the same. For men to put up their dukes in the heat of battle, and the women to be screaming mascara dripped messes standing on the sidelines screaming,
"Shaneeee!!!!! He didnt call me a slut!.....It was the other guy over there! KICK HIS ASS SHANE!"

I laugh in your general direction.

So there it is, my extremely confused view on chick fights. I do not believe they are right.
And especially considering the majority of them are over some deadshit male who they dont really like, they just have some sort of lioness "dont piss where I have pissed" mentality that they feel is worth fighting for.

Its a jungle out there.

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