Thursday, January 6, 2011


Im still astounded everytime it happens as to how music can trigger such a strong reaction depending on what mood you may be in, or maybe a mood you didnt even know you could conjure up in that moment.

Last night i cried for what seemed like an eternity just from a simple song. Previous to hearing the song I was in high albeit tired spirits and didnt not feel emotional in the slightest.

However by the time the third line rolled around (see title) I was in a whitewash of tears.
I still dont know why I was even crying.

Ive been such a cry baby lately. The other morning there was no special K left in the pantry and I couldnt help but shed a tear for the Special K's that had fallen from the previous mornings. Lest We Forget.

Its absurd and I dont condone it at all. I cant explain it, and I wouldnt even want to try.

I think you go through so many phases in your life that it is difficult to make sense of them, let alone analyse every single one that sweeps through your mind.

But back to the music.
Some tunes may remind you of being strung out in a world of your own formed munt on the floor of 77 William Street. It may even make you feel exactly as you did on the grimy DF at 3 in the morning.

Others may remind you of when you were sitting in your car alone, waiting for a big change in your life in which you knew everything would be turned around or upside down. (maybe thats just me who does most of their thinking perched at some lookout in my astra. By the way I have Manly Sea Eagles themed numberplates which i cop shit for every single time i park somewhere. Some dude at wamberal beach today said "manly ehhh?" and i went "yeah theyre my mums." and he then proceeded with "yeah i thought you looked too young to be a bogan." cheers mate.)

Other songs may take you back to a time so dark you could not see the light.
I always feel a sense of accomplishment when ive been lying with my heart in pieces in my hands, not even looking at the title of a certain song that will remind me of the one who sledge hammered my beater in the first place- to then find yourself not even noticing when it comes on and realising you have in fact moved on and nothing could seem sweeter.

Or when you miss the one you love (like i do right now) and they tell you that a song reminds them of you, then you listen to said song and find yourself overwhelmed with yearning and heartache (all VERY dramatic) and after the last bars have come to a halt, you look at yourself in the mirror and say

"fuck love, settle down he will be back in a few weeks you absolute dickhead! Go knit or something, you have too much time on your hands!"

But the songs I love most are the ones that take you back to an event or a place in which you felt the happiest and you glow when these songs start coming out of your chosen technology. It inspires reminiscing and laughing about the stupid things you said and did at that time.
The mistakes you made, mixed with the choices you knew were right all in one little verse.

It just makes me think about the human brain and the way it sometimes controls you.

I think i like it.

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