Sunday, January 2, 2011


In the final days or weeks of 2010 i noticed a trend forming amongst the people i know, and the people i try not to know.

That is the trend of giving a shit about things that are:
a) none of their business
b) completely irrelevant.

Is it boredom or insecurity that sparks caring about shit that is not appropriate?

I might make a bit more sense if i explain a situation that happened to me at a family do for xmas.
A woman who shall remain nameless and is not blood related took it upon herself to point out in front of everyone how "ridiculous" and "silly" my make up was.
This serve went on for about 5 minutes in front of my entire extended family.

I didnt take it to heart as in I suddenly felt self concious about how i looked in front of everyone, but I was made to feel somewhat unwelcome in their home.

I left wondering why this woman gave a fuck? I mean, enough of a fuck to take time out of their night to call me over and tell me exactly what she thought about my face.

And this isnt the first time this has happened. When new people meet me they often ask me WHY i dress/look the way i do, and to be honest I tell them exactly why everytime.


Shouldnt individuality be celebrated and not questioned? Shouldnt compliance and conforming be questioned?

It rarely is. It is celebrated to comply and toe the line as people dictate.

I find myself constantly wondering why people care enough to make a statement toward you or someone you may know that is purposely detrimental to them.

If you want my opinion, yes MY opinion (not anyone elses), then i believe that it comes from a place of judgemental pathetic self esteem issues that are so deep seated that no reaction that you can give to the person who gives a shit will satiate their thirst for self assurance.

So if someone gives enough of a fuck to put you down about who you are, what you do, what you look like, who you love, what colour your skin is, what you wear, the things you do or anything relating to you as a person, it is not you it is their empty shell of a body that is burning with what one may see as observant, but what is really a poor sense of character.

I guess you can learn not to wear your heart on your sleeve if you do choose to do whatever the fuck you like.

new years resolution: if you think im listening to something negative, I am not. I am listening to a Doors song in my head and pretending to be interested in what you give enough of a fuck about to say.

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