Monday, January 10, 2011


This is going to be really hard for me to describe.

Because im not even quite sure of what I mean when Im thinking about it.

But have you ever had a yearning for passion?

Whether it be in the form of a delicious summer fruit, or in between the sheets?

Now that is from two opposite sides of the spectrum. I dont necessarily mean those two elements when I am talking about passion.

Its that excitement that cant be described but just felt. I guess i could equate it to butterflies in the stomach, but I dont want to be so cliche.

Its when you realise someone has a crush on you, and you might have a little crush on them as well.
Its that little feeling that tickles you when you notice yourself flirting with someone, who is also flirting back with you.

Now I want to be clear, I am not referring to anything that is happening right now at this point in time.
But I would be, as would everyone else, if they refused to recognise the feeling I am trying to explain.

Excitement is how I could describe this.
The feeling of being wanted, and wanting just as much.
Sentences filled with lust and alluring words that send an electric volt straight to your brain (or penis, depending on what sex you are.)
The passion of someone taking an interest in you,
even if it is just for a night

(here we go Im beginning to sound like an unintentional scrut again)

No, I mean that thrill of being taken (and not as in the movie- I would not enjoy that experience).
And not necessarily in the relationship way, or in a sexual way.

But more of having your desires satiated by the one you have been coveting.

That makes more sense.

Anyway I think ive done enough explaining of what I mean and should move on to how no matter how these little rendezvous' end, they will always hold a thrilling slide in the projector of your mind, to reflect upon when you feel nothing.

And will hopefully have taught you things you never would have learnt without experiencing these passionate moments.

I just wanted to point out that it is an underrated point of life.
I hold passion and emotion highly.
I think that is pretty clear.
I guess I romanticise quite a bit.

But we do focus on success, travel, occupying our time with events, money etc.

And I just wanted to perhaps let you slow down, take a moment to remember a time that coincides with the explanation above and feel a little bit happy.

And if you still dont get it,
Then you need to get out more.

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