Monday, January 10, 2011


Theres just something about a rugged man.
You know the kind that will lift you over their shoulder and take you back to their lair which smells like rich mahogany.

It may go back to the ancient ancient times of the caveman mentality.
Something so animalistic about a MAN man.

You dont know what I mean?

I mean the kind of man who will punch out another if he spoke ill of you.
(and not in the outside of a nightclub way with your 'man' in a reeeeally tight v neck with vodka cranberry stains all over it.)

The kind of man who wont ask to kiss you but will just do it.

I dont want to generalise but I do believe that every girl has a little penchant for these types of lads.
The kind that have no idea of different shades of colours.
The kind that would probably eat a cigarette(ha!)
Men who look effortless in their appearance.

A young Clint Eastwood has inspired this post.
For as long as the public has known him, he has maintained that rugged, manly demeanour that makes dudes want to be him and girls want to blow him.

It is an age old recipe.
The rugged man who not only knows how to ride a horse bareback, but also how to bare his soul in a way that inspires admiration, not pity.

Women will swoon at the rugged man.

Now dont get me wrong, i appreciate a man I can muse with about literature, fashion, music, politics etc etc.

But I just wanted to acknowledge the pure magic of a manly man, one who knows they can have any woman he wants- but chooses wisely.

It is one thing that some may not understand, but I think I can speak for most girls when I say that at some point we have all lusted over this type of male.

Its just another little insight into the female brain.

Oh p.s.
I recently concluded that I can almost certainly attribute that ALL females are about 3-25% bat shit crazy.

It just varies.

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