Monday, September 28, 2009


I love to parallel park.
Also, i wasnt happy with my last post.
It lacked depth.
And had the stench of exhaustion and time written all over it.

I just watched the most bizarre yet catchy set of videos i have ever seen on YouTube.
I was referenced by Peaches Geldof.

It is an "artist" man called Tonetta who describes himself as:

*59 years old.
*young at heart
* ready to mate.

HILARIOUS.sort of.

I spritzed myself with Jessica Moss' brothers perfume before and I am loving it. I feel like im on a date with a 15 year old boy and he is thinking about holding my hand and is slightly embarrased at the age difference. haha.

There is something about Dashboard Confessional.
Sure- it was the shittest concert ive ever been to. I had some crazy blonde screaming the lyrics in my ear all night and had had 5 No Doze and heart palpatations wayyyy before the encore.

But they always seem to set the mood perfectly and bring me back to when I was 16 and driving around in Jess' little green car, maybe to Saratoga or something and then all the way to now, sitting at the Haven with Bridie and watching whales and having a marlboro.

"we're not 21
but the sooner we are
the sooner the fun
will begin.

get out your fake eyelashes
and fake I.D.s
and real distasters ensue,
its cool to take these chances
its cool to fake romances
& grow up fast."

I think I'm going to get a beer tonight.

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