Thursday, September 24, 2009


i LOVE these women. From the nights spent being flicked around within a blonde hurricane to the days spent eating indian food and watching music videos trying to pick who we are in them.
They arent in any of the videos. They are in my life and that is where they should always be.
10 years i have gone with having them around, whether it be just a "hello" in the hallways in year seven, to an all night spoon session circa now.
They make sun shine bright enough so everyone gets tanorexia and spends their days covered in coconut based oil and lie around in blankets at night looking like a beetroot sandwich.
Summer is just around the corner and I cant wait to begin the three months with them involved.
It will be:
* hot
* fruity
* juicy.
Yep. They are essentially mango juice left out in the sun.
They are leaving me for a bit to head overseas to Thailand to get their root on and drink out of massive buckets filled with amphetamines and I do not know what I will do.
Maybe just prepare for the winter by comfort eating and hibernating until Im at the airport with my silly little jeep and a nosehole.
Just spent the day with Madeline. I dont know how we have new things to talk about every day. Things just seem fresh whenever i see her.
Jessica I do not see as often as I would like, but when I do i hassle her dog- a bijon freeze cross pug- mainly to annoy her but also so she laughs in sympathy. I miss you.
One thing i do know for sure is that I dont care about much these days. I dont even care that I dont care.
But i do care about you.

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