Sunday, September 27, 2009



it makes my nachos spicy. Also good with poached eggs and spinach.

The Colour of Sydney:

It was the end of the world on September 23. But then it all cleared and everyone continued on with their know, eating Macdonalds and judging others. haha.

Robert Plant:

Lead for Led Zeppelin, and the only one in Miss Pamela Des Barres books who seems to still have his dignity in tact. Has a voice like a screaming banshee.

Those are three things that have changed my week. But today is Monday, a new week and I wonder what will fall into my lap from the heavens? Right now, its nothing but ringing telephones that I cant answer and no shower yet and no lunch and no idea on how to knock up a 3000 word essay for Wednesday.

All i want to do is smoke some cigarettes in the sun with a bloody mary and TABASCO, surrounded in a fine layer of DUST and listen to LED ZEPPELIN.

There was no real point to this blog, but it can be used in further studies associated with procrastination and youths.

I hate people who say they procrastinate.

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