Sunday, April 25, 2010


why do i want to be like these androgynous he-male metal, coke and girl worshipping lords?

I dont know.

The only way i can envision myself in LA in a years time, perhaps at Coachella is by reading their book and instead of being shocked and disguted by their goings on back in the mid to late 80s, I am intrigued and wouldnt mind paving a similar path even though as we all know, it just leads to an inevitable path of destruction and heartache.


i dont seem to. maybe i really am jaded.

Wikipedia (ha!) states that JADED can mean either cynical or fatigued.

I think I am both.

Not to be a downer and go on about "oh how hard is my life, I do nothing all week and have fun all weekend, poor me"

I am just recognising something within most of us as a generation.

We arent shocked

or excited

or happy.

most are numbed to the fact that they are actually alive and spend their days reflecting on the moments when they felt most alive, either being a heart that was broken, or recieving new doc martens in the post.

Or maybe when they were travelling another country, and all the bullshit of home was just a bit too far away to feel jaded about.

I am actually surprised to see this generation smiling and being content with their own goings on. Maybe I think too much, or believe that there is something better and more wonderful out there than settling for whatever is in front of you.

I am tired of settling. Im ready for something to challenge my very foundation and no one and nothing has done that for YEARS.

so FUCK YOU world and all that angsty shit,

you are boring me.

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