Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Ive been watching copious amounts of the show 'Californication' for two reasons:

1. It romanticises Los Angeles.

2. I have a weird X Files based thing for David Duchovny.

what a name...David Duchovny. It makes the name David look pretty bad ass. small eyes.

Ive been killing time a lot lately with no real direction and contrary to popular belief...its not fun.

Ive been making mistakes

Perhaps just recently turning 21 has added to this process of self exploration and contemplation of what i SHOULD have done and where i SHOULD be.

but i ask, who is the one to judge what people are doing with their own lives? cant we just all do what we want if it makes us happy? what makes others believe that they have it all worked out?

i dont believe anyone does at this point.

all i know when i think about what i want to do, where i want to be, and who i am it comes down to one thing:


im back to that point where i would love just one crystalised moment when everything falls into place. But i am almost self-destructively romantic in the way i view everything.

This has turned into a pretty deep discussion from beginning with Californication. Back to that- the insanely sexual basis of the show mixed with a soundtrack that would bring Jim Morrison to his knees is exactly what i feel like right now and feeds into the reincarnated part of my psyche where I am a groupie on sunset strip circa 1968.

POINT: I want to go to L.A.

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