Monday, January 19, 2009


"it was good"- Jessica Moss.

After we all got past the first "oh shit oh shit im gonna get caught" nerves, we realised how too hot it was to dance so the large group of central coast and surry hills "alternates" gathered under a tree to watch Busy P.

"MARS" by Fake Blood was the song of the day repeated over and over again until we all hunched in the drop so much that we pulled a nerve in our backs.

SANTOGOLD took the stage with gold back up dancers that made the entire group of girls channel their inner jamaican and drop it like its hot to 'Creator'.

To me, AJAX, Digitalism, Late of the Pier and Boys Noize were just a blur between my eyes and the red bull cup i fashioned into a fan.

Calvin Harris (the surprise) was not too bad. I got lost from everyone and had a flying pizza case hit me in the arm causing me to realise that it should be called a night.

"obla dee obla daa life goes on."- Madeline Anderson.

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