Monday, February 25, 2013


I was approached by Triple J Unearthed indie lord Tom Lark who describes himself as, "an artist from New Zealand making indie pop tunes." That he is.

As soon as I clicked on the YouTube link to his vid for the song, 'Hipsteranity', I was delightfully surprised at the psychedelic feel of the track. Lark looks like a cross between gnarly 90s dudes Blur and James Spader circa 1984. In other words, he pulls of a black turtle neck like nobody's business.

The screeching guitar and stoic vocals collide into a catchy tune, and coupled with the creepy, gory and sinister video-this track is bound to be a hit. I will predict now that you may even find it remixed in your local Sydney indie bar in no time!

Take a peek at the clip here (& revel in the protagonist's bushy beard and pearly specs):
WARNING: May make you feel like a Jam sandwich.

Triple J Unearthed website: TOM LARK


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