Monday, February 25, 2013


We all know Disclosure has been kicking goals lately, what with the beats on their latest track 'White Noise' that samples that drum and bass that I love so fucking much!

AlunaGeorge's squeaky warbling makes for the tune to punch through the indie house barrier like an acidic star that decided to fuck off from the other stars and screech through the solar system!

No one can deny it, don't even try to deny it- YOU LOVE THIS CHOOON!
Disclosure, you are killing it, just thought you should know and that.
I am listening to it as I type and I wanna shimmy right on out the door to make myself a little victory sandwich in celebration of this sexy little ditty.

Oh yeah, they made a video for it too. A day in the dreary life of a security guard. The stark juxtaposition of the song with the video makes for interesting viewing.

Before you know, the decrepit fourth wall is broken as our protagonist busts out some moves that would make Reverend Run blush.

Have a squiz here:

All i know is that it makes me want to walk the dim lit streets of East London so fucking bad while viewing this. I hope it has the same effect on you.

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