Friday, September 30, 2011


I just need to tell you something.
I am a man.

I have a dick and a scrotum and an adams apple and hairy toe knuckles.
I fuck girls
I yell at girls about how they look
I eat steak and kick footys
I will fucken bash ya if ya get in me face.

Does this clear it all up?
Can you now stop coming up to me as a stranger and asking me what gender I really am?
Because I AM A MAN.

I was born a woman called Jessica and then I got my hair cut, and with that snip snip of the scissors, I became a man.
It happened overnight just like Frankenstein.
I am the undead, I woke up with a hairy back and a defined jaw line.

Can you now keep your mix of dorito and scotch breath out of my fucking face now?
Asking me if in fact I am a man?
Because I am.
A fucking man, and I will fuck you up the ass with my giant cock if you look at me sideways.

When you pull over on the side of the road to ask me this question, I will just flop the old thing out so you can see for yourself.

When you sit there in your testosterone fueled groups and laugh, I will show you one teste and tell you to put it on your forehead.

When you tell me to show you my dick,
When you call me a cross dresser,
When you call me a transvestite,

Ill make sure to cum all over your ignorant, narrow minded, aged before its time, stereroid induced face.

Is that what you want? Do you like a girl who looks like a male? Do you have mother problems? Do you have a dick so tiny that its 3/4 foreskin?

Dont take it our on your bro's man. Because I am a bro, not a ho. thats the saying isnt it? HAHA FUCKEN GENIUS BRO.

I just dont have enough armour to protect myself anymore from all these people mistaking me for a woman.
I am a man,

so now you all know
and you can get fucked.

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